Kia kaha, kia māia, kia manawanui. Be strong, be brave, be steadfast.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused multiple tributaries of tragedies, not least in communities that are already and multiply vulnerable. Two refugee communities struggling right now are The Nature Network, who featured recently in a Shiloh Project report on a project in which I am involved (see here), and Team No Sleep.

Both are communities of LGBT refugees (predominantly hailing from Uganda) who are living in Nairobi, Kenya, awaiting resettlement in safe countries. Life for them has never been easy, a piecemeal existence in constant proximity to discrimination, financial insecurity, at risk of violence, sexual assault, and ill health.

Far from succumbing to melancholy or resignation, the groups have mobilized and adapted their campaigns to reduce the spread of HIV and tuberculosis to include also COVID-19. But they are having a very hard time just meeting basic needs and expenses. The only way to send funds is directly, online, through Western Union.

If you can help, even with a small donation, let me know and we can add your donation to the next transfer ([email protected]).

And in the meantime, take the advice of The Nature Network: we wash our hands!

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