Every day, throughout the 16 Days of Activism, as we reflect back on the past year, we celebrate an activist person or endeavour associated with The Shiloh Project.

Today we celebrate the Shiloh Podcast. (Check it out here.)

Every one of the podcast’s 11 episodes provides something that challenges assumptions, provokes thought, and motivates to action. 

The Shiloh Podcast is funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) grant led by members of the Shiloh Project. The first episodes of the Shiloh Podcast were launched in mid 2020. All episodes feature interviews with Rosie Dawson, one of our 16 Days activists of 2018.

A graduate of theology, Rosie has more than 20 years of experience in the BBC’s Religion and Ethics department. She is now a freelance journalist, documentary maker, and radio producer, with specialisation in religion and theology. 

Rosie Dawson

During lockdown, podcasts have become particularly important. For us, the Shiloh Podcast became a way to publicise important research on the intersections of religion and sexual and gender-based violence, making such research widely accessible.

Episodes of 2021, consist of interviews with:

David Tombs, one of our activists of 2017, about his research on Jesus as victim of sexual abuse;

Ericka Dunbar, one of our activists of 2019, about her research on sexual trafficking and the book of Esther;

Eve Parker, about her research on South India’s Devadasi women, and…

Emily Colgan, Shiloh Project co-director and one of our activists of 2017, on the Prophet Jeremiah’s representation of the land as violated female.

We are proud of the podcast, and we hope you will take a listen and recommend it to others who might be interested. 

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