Stefan Fischer is a biblical scholar who has lived and taught in southern Africa and Europe, including at the University of Vienna (Austria), the University of the Free State (Bloemfontein, South Africa), Morija Theological Seminary (Lesotho) and the Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany). This paper is in German and first appeared in Protokolle zur Bibel 18/2 (2009): 109-21. The title of the paper translates as ‘The Power Structures of Violence in the Song of Songs’ and examines dynamics and language of violence in the Song of Songs (German: Hohelied, abbreviated Hld). Fischer comments that it may be surprising to find so much physical violence – even brutality –  in what is ostensibly a series of lyrical love poems. Of relevance to the notion of rape culture, Fischer explores both domestic violence, as enacted by the woman’s brothers, seeking to control her sexuality, and the use of violent language in love talk.



Tags : PoetryPower StructuresSong of SongsViolence

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